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Dr. Belur V. Dasarathy
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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Belur V. Dasarathy, an IEEE Fellow, is engaged in
research and development in the areas of
multi-sensor multi-source information fusion,
pattern recognition, image analysis and other
related topics, for the design and development of
automated intelligent decision systems arising in
a variety of applications. He has been an invited
speaker at many international conferences
including International Workshop on Information Fusion, 2002, Beijing,and Xian, China, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2000, Goa, India,
International Conference on Applications of Pattern Recognition 1998, Plymoutn, England, IX Spanish Symposium on Pattern Recognition and Image Processing 2001, Benecassim, Spain.
He is the founding Editor-in-chief of the International Journal on Information Fusion, published by Elsevier
Science, the very first journal dedicated to this
evolving field. He has offered short courses in
the information fusion arena under SPIE
sponsorship as well as for individual company
sponsored on-site programs.

Dr. Dasarathy was honored as the IEEE Huntsville
Section Outstanding Engineer 1996, IEEE Region 3
Outstanding Engineer for 1997 and a recipient of
the IEEE Third Millennium Medal in 2000. He was one of
the founding members of the board of directors of
the International Society on Information Fusion
(ISIF) and served on it for three years. He was
the guest editor of Optical Engineering for three
special sections on Sensor Fusion. He has been
the organizer and chairman of the annual SPIE
Conferences on Sensor Fusion since 1997 and on
data mining since 1999. He was the publicity
chair for the International conferences on
Information Fusion - Fusion '1998, Fusion '1999,
Fusion 2001 and a member of the executive
committee of Fusion 2000. He has organized and
chaired special sessions on Information Fusion
and Data Mining at other conferences including
IEEE Decision and Control 1998, International
Joint Conference on Neural Networks 1999, IGARSS
2000, IECON-2000.

Dr. Dasarathy has over 180 open literature
publications and is the author of three IEEE
Computer Society Press books: Decision Fusion,
Nearest Neighbor (NN) Norms: NN Pattern
Classification Techniques, and Image Data
Compression: Block Truncation Coding. These
publications have been cited in the literature by
over 400 studies. His biographical citations
include: "WHO' WHO" in Computer Graphics,"
Marquis, 1984; "Personalities of the South,"
American Biographical Institute, 1986; "Who's
Who in Technology Today," Dick Publishing, 5th
Edition.; "Who's Who in the South and Southwest,"
22nd Edition, 1991.; "The Official Registry of
the Who' Who of American Business Leaders," 1991
Edition, and most recently International Who's
Who in Information Technology, 1999.