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Belur V. Dasarathy, Ph. D, Consultant
Intelligent Decision Systems Design
Multi-Source,Multi-Sensor Information Fusion
Pattern Recognition, and Related Fields



"Organizations interested in training employees with on-site short courses in the areas of Multi-sensor, Multi-Source, Information/Data Fusion, Pattern Recognition,and related topics, may Email to"

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For a copy of the Short Course notes on Multi-sensor, Multi-Source Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications, please contact me via email to

Very limited number of copies of my book on Nearest Neighbor Techniques have become available. If you wish to acquire a copy, please contact me via email to

Check in here for
A collection of books related to the fields of my technical interest:
Information Fusion, Data Mining,Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Approximate Reasoning (such as Fuzzy Logic,Evidential Reasoning)
as well as on my ethnicity (India), Faith (Hinduism), Hobbies (Puzzles) etc. etc.

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