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    * * * INFORMATION FUSION * * *

    A list of books related to the Information Fusion Field
    (These can be purchased right here on-line from by clicking on the book(s) of choice):

  • Decision Fusion

    Aggregation and Fusion of Imperfect Information

    Millimeter-Wave and Infrared Multisensor Design and Signal Processing

    Multisensor Data Fusion

    Distributed Detection and Data Fusion

    Multi-Sensor Fusion : Fundamentals and Applications With Software

    Mathematical Techniques in Multisensor Data Fusion

    Decentralized Estimation and Control for Multisensor Systems

    Multitarget-Multisensor Tracking: Advanced Applications, vol. I

    Multitarget-Multisensor Tracking: Principles and Techniques

    Human and Machine Perception : Information Fusion

    Principles of Data Fusion Automation

    Data Fusion in Robotics and Machine Intelligence

    Data Fusion and Sensor Management : A Decentralized Information-Theoretic Approach

    Data Fusion for Sensory Information Processing Systems

    Sensor and Data Fusion Concepts and Applications

    Selected Papers on Sensor and Data Fusion

    Mathematics of Data Fusion

    Advances in Distributed Sensor Integration : Application and Theory


    Here are some books on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.
    (These can be purchased right here on-line from by clicking on the book(s) of choice):

    Introduction to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

    Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

    Solving Data Mining Problems Through Pattern Recognition

    Discovering Data Mining from Concept to Implementation

    Predictive Data Mining : A Practical Guide

    Solving Data Mining Problems Through Pattern Recognition

    Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and Olap

    Data Mining : A Hands-On Approach for Business Professionals

    Data Mining With Neural Networks : Solving Business Problems from Application Development to Decision Support

    Data Mining


    Here are some books on Pattern Recognition
    (These can be purchased right here on-line from by clicking on the book(s) of choice):

    Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

    Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

    Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition

    Genetic Algorithms for Pattern Recognition

    Fuzzy Models for Pattern Recognition : Methods That Search for Structures in Data

    Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition

    Pattern Classification : A Unified View of Statistical and Neural Approaches

    Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition

    Pattern Recognition Using Neural Networks : Theory and Algorithms for Engineers and Scientists

    Pattern Classification and Scene Analysis


    Here are some books on Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing and other Approximate Reasoning related topics
    (These can be purchased right here on-line from by clicking on the book(s) of choice):

    Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Sets, and Genetic Algorithms : Industrial Applications

    Computational Intelligence : An Introduction

    Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing : A Computational Approach to Learning and Machine Intelligence

    Neural Fuzzy Systems : A Neuro-Fuzzy Synergism to Intelligent Systems

    Fuzzy Engineering

    Foundations of Fuzzy Systems

    Advances in the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence

    The Evidential Foundations of Probabilistic Reasoning

    * * * INDIA * * *

    Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru

    The Story of My Experiments With Truth: By Mahatma Gandhi

    Mahabharata by C. Rajagopalachari

    Ramayana by C. Rajagopalachari

    Indian Philosophy by S. Radhakrishnan

    A Passage to India by E. M. Forrester

    * * * BEST SELLERS * * *

    The Testament by John Grisham

    Storm of the Century (Screenplay) by Stephen King

    The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, Carol Brown Janeway

    Be Cool by Elmore Leonard

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