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Consultant, Information Fusion/Decision Systems/Pattern Recognition and Allied Fields Since 2002

EMAIL ADDRESS: Fusion-Consultant +at(symbol)+IEEE+dot(symbol)+org

Founding Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Information Fusion  (1999-2013) 

Consultancy, short or long term, in the design and development of autonomous/semi-autonomous, intelligent, optimal, decision systems in the context of aerospace and military applications, industrial, biomedical, civilian, utilizing expertise in the areas of AI technologies such as multisource, multisensor information fusion (including data fusion, sensor fusion, algorithmic process fusion), pattern recognition, image analysis, optimization techniques, data mining and knowledge discovery, approximate reasoning techniques like fuzzy logic and evidential reasoning, neural nets, data compression, learning, adaptive and optimal systems and other related disciplines.

Mode of Operations:Telecommuting with travel to customer site as often and for as long as essential to meet task needs. Prior activities include consultancy on various customer projects such as Future Combat Systems (FCS), intrusion and intruder detection systems, Disparate Sensor Integration(DSI), SBIR Programs etc., involving discrimination, mult-sensor and multi-source information fusion, and related topics.

Optimization, Modeling, and Simulation Technologies

IEEE Third Millennium Award

State of the Art (SOTA) Research & Development Support
Innovative SOTA ideas and assistance for preparation of technical sections for White Papers, SBIRs, STTRs and Other Contract Proposals. Projects Execution, and Reports Documentation - Conduct in-depth literature surveys, bibliography development, and SOTA Reviews to identify best suited algorithms, critical problem areas, promising avenues for research and development, and the like

Educational Activities
On-site training: short courses/tutorials on these topics will be offered on request - See examples below.

Limited number of copies of Short Course Notes on Information Fusion are available at cost including shipping. It is possible that a copy of the now out-of-print book on Nearest Neighbor Techniques may be obtainable (cost + shipping). Contact fusion-consultant-at-IEEE-dot-org for details.

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